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Lakme Fashion Week Designers for Winter-Festive 2015

Lakme Fashion Week is a fashion show that will be held at Hotel Palladium in Mumbai this year, the commercial capital of India. Two times a year, in February and August, the fashion elite of India meet and enjoy the greatest fashion show in India. The Winter-Festive 2015 edition will start on August 26th 2015.

For the occasion a lot of designers will be present to show the entire world the beauty and trends of the season. The Lakme Fashion week designers will have four days to present their collection, until the 30th of August when the event finishes. It is a special year for Lakme Fashion week, which will celebrate its 15th birthday. A lot of the Lakme Fashion week designers that have participated in the past are returning to the show and have already practiced their shows.

In fact, the Lakme Fashion week has already helped a lot of designers and models to launch their career, and given a chance to six lucky newbies who have been selected to present in the GenNext show as Lakme Fashion week designers. These young designers will have the chance to interact with some legendary designers, and learn from them.

There will be a lot of big names within the Lakme Fashion week designers, such as Manish Malhotra and Gaurav Gupta, who will close the show. Despite showcasing at countless fashion shows in the past, the fantasy designer confessed to be stressed, as he said in an interview: "This year, LFW completes 15 years, and Gaurav Gupta ten years, so it's a milestone moment in my career".

Lakme Fashion Week Designers for Winter-Festive 2015 | Gaurav Gupta Show at Lakme Fashion Week 2014
Gaurav Gupta show - Lakmé Fashion Week 2014
Many great designers have already closed the event via the grand finale show, such as Manish Malhotra and Anamika Khanna. Manish Malhotra will also celebrate the successful ten-years of his label in August. He has promised an awesome collection, full of elegance and style.

More than eighty of India’s top fashion designers will be present at the event and all of them will continue to integrate India into the global fashion world, with a mix of traditional Indian and contemporary outfits.

Once again, a lot of famous models and Indian celebrities will walk for the Lakme Fashion Week designers, such as the renowned diva Aishwarya Rai for Manish Malhotra, and the beautiful Esha Gupta for designer Arpita Mehta. Some of the Lakme Fashion week designers prefer giving a chance to newbies model, such as the popular duo Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla, who be opening this crazy week with their show. Their collection promises to be a “tribute to the 70’s and 80’s”, with colorful and glamorous couture. We had love the Lakme Fashion Show Summer/Resort 2015, and the Winter-Festive show 2015 will start in a great way! We look forward to it!

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding

No matter how much you prepare for your wedding day, somethings are still not in your hands like weather. Even if you have checked the forecast earlier, Mother Nature can still play its role. Yes, it may rain on your D-day.

A rainy wedding may sound utterly romantic but it calls for serious planning. Rain should not dampen your spirit, so one has to make the arrangements accordingly. Here are few Indian wedding planning tips to make your wedding a memorable one, without rain playing havoc.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Bride Smiling Under the Rain

Bride’s Make-up
No bride would want her make-up and hair to get spoiled on the best day of her life. So, to avoid this nightmare from turning into reality, ask your make-up artist to use water-proof and water resistant cosmetics on your big day. Make sure your make-up lasts long especially your eye-liner and mascara. Use make-up spray to seal the make-up in its place.

If you get little wet, don’t panic and wipe off your face as it will remove your make-up. Instead just pat your face lightly and you are good to go. You can also opt for air-brush make-up as it has tendency to last longer than the usual one. So, don’t freak out while doing Indian wedding planning in monsoon and make the most of it.

Turn Bane into Boon 

Rains are usually associated with chaos and mud. But if planned properly, this inclement weather can become the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Generally, Indian wedding planning is done for winter season but if you are someone who likes to break the norms, monsoon wedding is just perfect. 

One can get one’s favourite venue at cheaper rates as weddings in monsoon season are unconventional. Also one can bargain with caterers and decorators and can get pocket-friendly prices.

Make your List 'Rain-checked’
No Indian wedding planning is complete without a rain-check. Even if you are expecting a dry day on your wedding, one should be equipped with the ‘Plan-B ’just in case it pours.  Make sure you book an indoor wedding venue.

And if you are daring enough to go for an outdoor location, ask your wedding planner for the water-proof tents. Along with this, arrange the umbrellas beforehand for the guests. Also, arrange for carpools and hire few cabs that can pick and drop your guests in case of a rain shower.
Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Wedding Under Umbrellas
Power Backup
As soon as monsoon hits the country, we all face the common problem of power cuts. So, to avoid this disaster on your crucial day, make sure you arrange for the power backup while doing wedding planning in India. It’s very important to have power backup facility so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted wedding.

Rain-Theme Décor
If you are thinking out-of-the box by doing Indian wedding planning in monsoon season, the décor should be in conformity with the rain theme.  You can bring the essence of rainy season by experimenting with fountains, lots of colorful umbrellas and rainbow inspired furniture. Also, you can add a touch of rain theme by decking up the venue with lots of aromatic candles and artificial flowers.
Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Rain-Theme Decor

Menu Must-Have’s
Rainy season is synonymous with famous Indian chai and pakora. Chai and pakoras make the lethal combination and is a must have for every Indian on a rainy day.  So, if you are planning a quirky monsoon wedding, go ahead by introducing a stall of desi chai and pakora.

Indian wedding planning for monsoon season is incomplete without mouth-watering jalebis.  Live jalebi counters will definitely curb the craving for guests with sweet tooth. Lots of soups and rain themed candies for kids will be another highlight of the wedding.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Menu Must-Have's

Rain Dance
Chuck out the regular sangeet ceremony from your Indian wedding planning list and surprise your friends and relatives with the rain dance party.  Let the guests tap their feet on classic monsoon songs of Bollywood and beat the heat with rain-dance.

Also, you can arrange pool party to get the real feeling of monsoon. You can take the party to another level by bringing in the props like raincoats, rain boots and umbrellas. I’m sure it will be a big hit among the guests and they will remember your wedding forever.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Rain Dance

Photo-Shoot in Rain
One of the most significant aspects in Indian wedding planning is the couple’s photo-shoot.  And getting your photo-shoot done in rain is way beyond adorable. Not just you can have fun in the rain with your beloved but raindrops in background gives an effect of millions of shining diamonds.

Trust me; the photographs will be artistic, magical and stunning. But make sure, your photographer is willing to shoot in rain and is experienced enough to get the right click. P.S. don’t worry about your bridal attire, after all to get the memories of lifetime; you can do a little sacrifice by getting drenched.

Indian Wedding Planning Tips for a Rainy Wedding! | Photo-Shoot in Rain

I’m sure if you follow these wonderful Indian wedding planning tips, you will never regret your decision of a rainy wedding!

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Top Five Beach - Summer Hair Trends 2015

Summer is all about the beach, vacations and fun galore. When the temperatures are soaring and you want to chill out, how will you dress up your hair? Let’s have a look at the top five summer hair trends 2015 for a cooler you:

1. Beach Waves:  

Whether you have long, medium length or short hair, having soft waves on hair is one of the beach/ summer hair trends 2015. Just roughly part your hair in the middle or side and wear your tresses with soft waves. This natural tousled mermaid like look is very in this season.

It is a very easy to achieve look by dampening, twisting locks and pinning them up for quite some time. It is a natural air-dried look that does not need any expensive hair products or heat. The beach wave hair can be left open or can be pinned just on top or halfway with a clip. It looks very shabby-chic.

2. High and Low Ponytails:  

Just pull your hair together and go for a high ponytail. Let the ponytail be natural instead of the slicked back look. The hair can also be a bit puffed and pinned on the crown. Loose locks around the face and heavy bangs and fringes are also the look of summer hair trends 2015. The ponytail can also be worn low with a stylish summer hat or wrap.

The low pony tail can also be loosely tied on one side. The hair wrapped pony tail looks trendier than a hair band tied one. The summer hair trends 2015 show the versatility of the ponytail, which can be worn on the beach and all the way to the red carpets.

3. Braids and Buns:  

Loosely tied braids are a way to go as per summer hair trends 2015. It can also be loosely tied on one side low. Once done the braid hairstyles can be carried throughout the day without any retouch. Braids also come to the rescue on bad hair days. If you know all about styling braids like fishtail, classic French and the five strand braid, then you can have a very trendy low maintenance hairdo that is great for the summer heat.

Messy buns are also great for summers and beach. If you do not want to chop your locks for summer but don’t want to sweat it out on the beach then braids and buns are great solutions. Match it with some flicks and fringes. You can also accessorise with head bands and scarves to make the bun trendy.

4. Crimping:

Summer hair trends 2015 also brings in crimping again. This late 90’s trend is getting a revival this summer. Sections of hair can be crimped and you can wear it open or tie it into a ponytail. So find your old crimper and work it on your hair for 2015 summer ready look.

5. The Lob:

How can summer be all about long tresses! The lobs (longer bobs) are very in this beach season. Sporting a lob with a bend in the hair instead of slick straight cuts is the favour of the season.

To sum it up summer hair trends 2015 is all about going natural. Hair extensions, too defined curls, slicked hair are all out this season. Even hair colours are hovering towards natural hair shades. Let there be fly-aways and loose strands that do not behave. Being effortless while doing hair is the mantra of the summer hair trends 2015. So do not fret over your bad hair day, maybe your bed head is also runway ready this season!

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Top Looks from Deepika Padukone - Deepika Padukone Style

The lyrics went “Aankhon mein teri, ajab si ajab si adayein hain...." and Deepika Padukone found a place in the hearts of Bollywood fans with her debut in ‘Om Shaanti Om’. Today when we talk of Bollywood fashion, the list will not be complete without the mention of Deepika Padukone style. She has a svelte body with never-ending legs to match her attractive face and so, can carry any ensemble with grace.

Let us go through a few Deepika Padukone style statements that she sported at the different events in the last few years.

1. Filmfare awards, 2015

Filmfare is the equivalent of Oscars in Bollywood. Deepika wore a white dress with a fitted embroidered top attached to a long ruffled train behind and the dress was short ahead. Deepika managed to pull this risky look effortlessly. She took over the stage in her Ashi Studio dress shaking legs with the hosts of the event.

2. Filmfare awards, 2014
Deepika donned a metallic gold gown by Gaurav Gupta which looked like golden strokes painted on see-through fabric. Completing the look with side wept soft curls and pointy golden shoes; the dress was a lesser skin show version of Victoria Harvey’s dress. 

3. Filmfare awards, 2013

Deepika Padukone style for this event was a black gown by Prabal Gurung, with sheer panels at the right places, accentuating her waistline and long legs. She kept the look minimalistic with just bold red lips.

4. Cannes, 2010

For the “On Tour” premiere at Cannes, 2010, an ivory and gold saree by Rohit Bal, with blingy blouse, clutch and matching cuff was the Deepika Padukone style statement. Complete with a Bindi and gold and pearl ear-danglers, she looked great.

5. "Chennai Express" Promotions, 2013

For the movie’s promotions Deepika was seen in a tangerine faux saree gown by Gaurav Gupta in London. The hair tied up, bold red lips, earrings and nude peep-toe pumps, hit the bull’s eye, in a very Deepika Padukone style.

6. Colours Screen awards, 2013

Deepika Padukone wore a turquoise green lace Dolce and Gabbana gown for the event. The lace dress had a fitted bodice underneath and her copper brown flowy hair and blush lips complemented the gown well.

7. Big Star Entertainment Awards, 2013

Deepika Padukone style for this event was a classic simple strappy white top with long flowing black skirt and the highlight was the emphatic necklace she sported. High tied ponytail and red lips with black peep-toe heels go well with this look.

She sported a similar white top look, but matched it with black palazzo pants at the Filmfare nominations party, 2013. This time the emphatic shimmer was added by a jacket designed by Rahul Khanna and Rohit Gandhi.

8. Colours Screen awards, 2012

The emerald green Gauri and Nainika dress Deepika wore for the event fits her like a glove. The dress is very structured with high neck in the front and daring low-back behind. The ruffles behind add drama to the form hugging outfit. A side hair braid with gemstones dangling earrings and white clutch speak volumes for Deepika Padukone style.

9. Filmfare 2014 Nomination party

Deepika wore a knee length quirky printed dress by Pankaj & Nidhi. Matching it with orange pumps and a skull necklace, don’t you think Deepika Padukone style is all thumbs up!

10. Zee Cine awards, 2013

Deepika’s ivory sequined Zuhair Murad dress with full sleeves and plunging neckline swept the red carpet. The accomplices to the look were red lips and pearl drop earrings with hair softly tied up.

From quirky to classy, short to long, Indian to Western and formal to casual the leggy lass can definitely pull any look with ease. Both on and off the red carpets, Deepika Padukone style makes for an interesting visual with varied elements that give us an exhilarating fashion feast.

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Top Bag Trends 2015

A bag can make or kill the look. The most beautiful dress can look devastating with a wrong bag. A bag should complement the attire, be utilitarian and also look chic at the same time. To be on top of what to carry with your favourite dress, let’s have a look at the top bag trends, 2015.

The bags on the runway this year brought back many elements from the past and also added some new twists to the conventional. The runways of Milan and New York presented the following bag trends, 2015:

  • Clutches: The clutches are all about evening wear and class. This season the clutches went from tiny to over sized, solids to printed and sober to blingy. The notable trend was the incoming of round clutches. This season clutches also give the convenience of cleverly designed handles that help in multitasking.
Spring-summer 2015 round Clutches

J Crew hand held clutch

  • The Bucket Bag: The spring-summer bag trends, 2015 brought in the bucket bag. It seems to be a must-have this season. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Chloe, Mansur Gavriel, etc have a great collection of buckets this year that you can choose from. The bucket bag is not too structured, so it makes you look chic with a casual, cool look. Some buckets also give you the flexibility of being hand-held or wearing it on the shoulder or across. Anytime you do not mean business, you can just pull the drawstrings and you are good to go!
Louis Vuitton Bucket Bag

  • Saddle Bags: These bags give you an advantage of going hands-free. They can be carried on the shoulder and worn across the body. Available with different options of metallic chain, leather or fabric straps, they are good friends of the woman on the go. Its structured look makes it a great workplace bag. This retro bag has a revamped look this season to suit today’s fashionista.
Chanel crossbody saddle bag
Bag trends 2015 on the runway also saw backpacks, duffles, hobos and totes. Irrespective of the bag’s make and style the noticeable bag trends 2015 are as follows:
  • Go full circle: This season round clutches and bags entered the fashion scene breaking the bag’s standard mould.
Karen walker Round Bag

  • Fair and Square: The runway also saw very sleek, defined rectangular bags. The sharp edges give these bags a very sophisticated look that will win you any negotiation that you carry it to. Vertical rectangles against the conventional horizontal, are also gaining preference this season.
Versace spring 2015 bag

Versace 2015 vertical rectangle bag

  • Pick the Print: Prints give character to the bag. They are ranging from bold floral prints to abstract. Well how can the spring-summer bags shy away from flowers and colours.
Printed bags

  • Fun with Colours: Adding colour to the bag is also one of the bag trends 2015. A bit of colour is good any season, it drives away the winter blues and adds to the summer fun. Whether it is in the form of print or solid, colour will make a bag lover happy this season.
Desquared2 solid yellow tote

  • Animal Instinct: Imitation crocodile leather bags in different colours and monochrome python print bags are still very in for bag trends 2015.
Crocodile print bag

  • Material Girl: Apart from leather this season suede is also ruling the roost. As technology is working with fashion we can enjoy bags in lot of new materials like nylon and PU (reconstituted leather). Bags in fabrics like cotton, canvas, jute, denims are also trendy this year. Metal, bead, gem accents added to the bag is popular. Patchwork, weaves, cut-work and embroidery on the bag will always be in, as far as bag trends 2015 go.

When bags are concerned as long as you know how to work it, they are always in trend. The bag trends 2015 are all about how you match the bags with your personal style statement. A bag walks hand in hand with a girl everywhere, in style. So a good bag is definitely a girl's best friend!

PS: You can also read an old blog post of mine about Bag Trends and Indian Handbags

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The Best and the Worst Red Carpet Short Dresses

When it comes to the red carpet, a short dress is considered a risk against the long cascades of the gowns over the red carpet. However there are some red carpet short dresses that will make you go, “wow”. Let us first have a look at five red carpet short dresses that rebelled against the tradition and still managed to come out winners.

1. Zoey Deschanel, BAFTA Brits to Watch, 2011
Zoey in her Oscar de La Renta gold dress from fall-winter collection 2011 was a sight to take in. She looked amazing in the midi length dress with scalloped hemline. This dress can give any gown a run for the money.

2. Taylor Swift, Vanity Fair Oscar party 2011
Taylor swift looked gorgeous in a Zuhair Murad’s strapless, short number in gold with silver beads. She proves that red carpet short dresses do not always disappoint.

3. Jennifer Lawrence, Vanity Fair Oscar party 2014
The “American Hustle” actress wore a Tom Ford mini dress. It was a work of art with asymmetric mirror embellishments and sheer fabric on the side and back. It was an out of the box dress and it still managed to get thumbs up from the fashion critics.

4. Kate Bosworth, Vanity Fair Oscar party 2013
Kate carried a Giambattista Valli with intricate rose and silver embroidery to the Vanity Fair Oscars party. She nailed the look with berry lips and perfect hairdo.

5. Miley Cyrus, People’s choice awards, 2012
Miley is growing up into a style icon. The Hannah Montana star was seen in a white David Koma dress with plunging neckline covered with sheer panel. The bottom too had sheer panelling and overall her look was very chic.


Let’s now shift focus to the extremes whose dare-devilry failed to impress. Here are five red carpet short dresses that did not do justice to the celebrities donning them. You can also read my previous article about the Ten Worst Red Carpet Dresses Ever

1. Geena Davis, Oscars 1992
Designed by Ruth Meyers and Bill Hargate, Geena’s dress became memorable in the Oscars’ worst red carpet short dresses Hall of Fame. The satiny white dress looks like a can-can costume, short in the front and long behind. Also matched with white gloves and see-through black stockings, the look was a disaster.

2. Diane Kruger, Vanity Fair Oscar party, 2013
Diane Kruger’s Giambattista Valli dress was a caped very busy black and white ill fitting ensemble. It is definitely ill-fitting for the great red carpet short dresses list.

3. Cameron Diaz, Vanity Fair Oscar party, 2011
Cameron wore a Carolina Herrera pre-fall 2011 dress. It was an off-shoulder leopard print very short dress. Though Cameron has a great pair of legs, the dress was too tight across the thighs and bit trashy for the red carpet event.

4. Lara Flynn Boyle, Golden Globe awards 2003
Designer David Cardona dressed Lara in a ballerina inspired outfit for the event. She even complemented the outfit with Chanel ballerina shoes with heels. The look was different for the red carpet but not interesting at all.

5. Paris Hilton, Grammy awards 2009
Paris wore a Versace spring 2003 mini dress for the event. The dress is too tiny, revealing and has cheap shimmer on it.


From best to the worst, red carpet short dresses are becoming ubiquitous. There is a growing popularity of red carpet short dresses at events like Grammy and People’s choice awards.

The red carpet short dresses are also a popular choice for after event parties. Whatever the length, the dress should exuberate class and look red carpet ready. After all the celebrities do not want to end up as teenagers heading to proms!

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Mother of the Bride - Indian Aunty Sarees

A wedding affair is mostly all about the bride. However, the mother of the bride ensures that her daughter does not stress out for her big day and irons out all the creases cropping up at the event. So this lady needs an outfit befitting a queen when she is bidding adieu to her princess.

The famous Indian designers like Neeta Lulla, Manish Malhotra, Ashima- Leena, etc. offer an amazing collection of Indian aunty sarees that the mother of bride can pick from. She can follow these guidelines in choosing one of the Indian aunty sarees:

Go Pastel
When her daughter is going for bold colours she can opt for paler hues. Very light tints of blues, greens, beiges, peaches and pinks are great choices for the mother of the bride.

The fabric can be sheer or opaque with crystal embroidery or applique work. The light tones of Indian aunty sarees do justice to the age of the wearer and glorify class and grace at the same time.

Hema Malini in pastels

Easy on Embroidery
Indian aunty sarees with lighter embroidery work on just the borders and the pallu is a nice choice for the mother of the bride. On these lines, the website Strand of Silk offers an amazing collection of sarees from the Indian designers, for the mother of the bride.

Gold and Off-white Saree

Like Mother, Like Daughter
The mother can match her saree with her daughter, by choosing a common colour theme. She can go few shades lighter in the colour choice. When the bride is going for lehengas with bare midriff, the mother can go for sarees in similar colour and same type of lighter embroidery.
Hema Malini with Esha Deol

Aishwarya and Jaya Bachchan

Tread the Tradition
The mother of the bride can go for the traditional Indian aunty Sarees like Kanjeevaram, Banarasi, Chanderi, Sambhalpuri, Bandhani, etc. Each of these sarees, uses traditional Indian weaves, prints or fabrics. The traditional Indian sarees always look amazing on elderly women and brings culture to the traditional wedding affair.
Paithani saree

Kanjeevaram Sarees

Blouse it Up
The Blouse for Indian aunty sarees should be one that gives coverage to the arms and adds drama to the saree. For leaner arms the mothers can go for sheer fabrics with borders and shorter sleeves.

For heavier arms a more covered look with opaques and embroidery depending upon the saree is a way to go. The veteran actress Shabana Azmi is seen a lot in full sleeves or three-quarter sleeves and she looks very classy wearing sarees with longer sleeved blouses.

Shabana Azmi at Lakme Fashion Week

Pull an Additional Pallu
An additional stole added to the other shoulder without pallu (saree pleats on the shoulder), with matching embroidery and colours gives a regal and commanding look. It adds dimension to the saree and takes it to a different level.
Waheeda Rehman with the extra Pallu Saree
The Indian aunty sarees are definitely a more popular and suitable choice for the mother of the bride over lehengas and anarkalis. The mother of the bride’s saree does not intend to take the limelight away but it subtly speaks for the woman behind the girl, who has begun a new journey in womanhood.

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